Glee-Cap: S3E15- Big Brother

By Chris Saccaro

After a slightly melodramatic winter finale, “Glee” is finally back to address some of the major points that it brought up at the end of the last episode–the biggest cliffhanger being Quinn’s texting and driving accident. And let us all let out a collective sigh as we watch what could have been an intriguing storyline turn into a walking (scratch that, a rolling) public service announcement against texting and driving. One can only hope that Quinn’s complete denial of the ramifications of her accident are part of a grander scheme that will reveal that Quinn was actually dead the whole time. Coming from the same guy who created “American Horror Story,” this isn’t too far off.

The main draw of this episode was introducing the world to Blaine’s older brother, played by special guest star Matt Bomer, who happens to be famous for car insurance commercials in the world of “Glee.” This gives us an interesting peak inside the psyche of Blaine. Growing up with a talented attractive older brother who always criticizes you is bound to make you slightly attention starved. While it’s great to see why Blaine acts the way that he does (and let’s be honest, Blaine can get very annoying), it’s slightly disappointing that this was the main plot of the episode as opposed to focusing on Quinn’s accident.

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Glee-Cap: S3E13 “Heart”

By Chris Saccaro

This week, “Glee” had the utmost privilege of being able to air its Valentines Day episode, “Heart”, on Valentine’s Day. And how does it repay the world? By mixing in religion, homophobia, and Whitney Houston covers!

Sometimes it seems like the writers of Glee are just filling in a “gay/religious storyline” quota. A perfectly normal episode will be plagued with seemingly random storylines dealing with gay bullying or religious dilemmas. And these plotlines are great in small doses. In fact, one should applaud “Glee” for shedding light on these issues when most shows don’t make mention of homosexuality or religion at all, unless it’s for a punch line. But it just happens so much on “Glee” that what would normally be a poignant commentary on our society, becomes an eye-roll inducing lecture.

This was especially true of Glee’s “Heart”. Thankfully though, all of this week’s homophobia stemmed from Santana and Brittany’s public displays of affection, and not something Kurt related. Anyone who has seen even a tiny fragment of “Glee“ knows that there has been enough “Anti-Gay” storylines for Kurt to last a whole series.

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Happy Teen Mom 2sday!!

Happy Teen Mom 2sday!!

"I’m a Virgo. I’m Usually Very Prompt.": The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, S2E18

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; Episode 18

By: Nina

Episode 18 continues the drama that we have unfortunately become accustomed to this season, but is saved by the Beverly Hills lifestyle being pursued while on vacation. Like Season 1, throughout this episode I found myself saying, “I wish I could experience that!” or  “I would love to do this!” Of course I am talking more about where they vacation and what they do, and less about Kyle and Kim’s now routine bickering, but I bet you knew that.

As you may remember from episode 17, most of the cast is in Hawaii! The episode kicks off with Adrienne and Paul hand-holding on a romantic trail! If you like Adrienne and Paul when they bicker, you will like them even more when they are getting along and being romantic. Though, Adrienne herself says in reference to gazing at the view with Paul, “I couldn’t be there more than 10 minutes though, I’d get bored!” New romance, same Adrienne!

Kim, who was the last to arrive in Hawaii, has finally arrived. And how do Kyle and Mauricio figure out that she is finally here? They hear her in the hallway, through the walls, while in their room! And it appears that Kim’s room was placed right next door! Perfect for Kyle’s putting her ear up against the wall to listen. ;)Though no one actually sees Kim until she arrives late to Mauricio’s birthday dinner. Upon arrival Kim changes her story (which originally was that she couldn’t find her passport and that her license was expired) to Ken having to work, which Mauricio promptly follows up with, “Isn’t Ken retired?”

We think Mauricio is just going to let it slide—but he doesn’t. He approaches the subject again, saying he doesn’t understand since this vacation had been planned for some time, and because Kim never mentioned it. She mentioned plenty of other things (“I’m on the phone with Bettie booking the new flight now!”) but nothing about Ken’s job. The tension however doesn’t seem to go away, particularly when Mauricio gives a passive aggressive toast on the importance of telling the truth. When Kyle and Mauricio continue to badger Kim, she says that at the dinner table isn’t the time, and that if Kyle wants to have a bad time, that’s her choice. I can understand both sides here. Kim and Ken are a day and a half late, without any remorse, and the odds are this is on Mauricio’s dime. That would bother me. Kim is upset because she feels her boyfriend was attacked upon arrival, which he was to a degree, when Mauricio was demanding an answer about whether or not he was really working. While they eventually get past discussing it at dinner, it of course will come up again later.

The next morning Kim and Ken are late to meet the group for a boat ride. They only have so much time with the boat, and Kim and Ken’s being a half-hour late interferes with the schedule. So Kyle does what anyone would do, after having her phone calls not answered and Kim not answering the door…she jumps over her balcony to get to Kim’s balcony, and knocks on her patio door instead. When that doesn’t produce swift enough results, the group leaves without them. Kim and Ken do meet them at the dock, but it is too late as the boat had just departed. Kyle does feel remorse over this, but Mauricio is quick to remind her of the bright side: “Imagine spending 3 hours out here with her.” Ouch.

So while the gang has a great day on the boat, Kim and Ken eat edamame on the patio. And for any future reality TV stars we have here, edamame is not an attractive thing to eat while being filmed. Just saying. When the group gets together again in the evening, Kim is quick to let everyone know how much she needed the time to herself, and has no regrets or apologies about missing another function with the group. (As of now Kim has only been to 1/5 of the functions they’ve hosted on this trip.)

Oh, and before I go on, let me say that wherever they are eating dinner this final night is gorgeous. Fabulous. Amazing. That is one of my favorite aspects of this show, seeing the lifestyle and the great experiences they get to have. I desperately tried to tweet Kyle to see where they were and request a travel itinerary, but no luck yet. ;)

So, the drama starts when Kyle asks how Kim spent her day. I will do this in brief, unprofessional (and perhaps exaggerated for fun) dialogue form to make it easier:

Kyle: Kim, what did you and Ken do today?

Kim: OH! We sat and had the most AMAZING lunch!


Kim: No, we sat and had the most RELAXING and amazing lunch looking over the pool.

Kyle: Did you go to the pool? DID YOU GO TO THE BEACH? ANYTHING?!

Kim: No we just sat and had the most AMAZING lunch! It was just a really relaxing day. I needed it.

Kyle: You missed the boat.

Kim: Literally.

Kyle: I feel like you missed everything.

Kim: You know what…we really didn’t.

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I’m glad that some people know about Greg Laswell’s cover of “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” on Glee last night.

As much as I love Glee, I would hate for Glee to get the credit for such a beautiful song arrangement if they didn’t actually do it. 

Kyle Richards glamor.

Kyle Richards glamor.

Lisa’s music video from America’s Next Top Model All-Stars most recent episode!

Bree Van De Kamp at her best

Bree Van De Kamp at her best