Put Your Smiley Face On & Don’t Use The F-Word: Teen Mom S3E7

Teen Mom, S3E7

By: Nina

We all know what yesterday was…TEEN MOM TUESDAY! Can you believe we are already up to episode 7?! That means before you know it, my original teen moms will be gone, and I’ll be patiently waiting for my favorite comedy trio (Janelle, Barbara and Keifer) to return to my DV-R line-up. But, we’ll discuss that further when we get there, right? Let’s talk about the episode!

I’ll warn you in advanced that for me, this episode was sort of lack-luster. In other words, Amber for the most part held it together, there was no April or Butch, and Maci got lots of air-time complaining about school. (Insert Snooki “wahhhhh” here).


The episode kicks off with Bentley peeing on Maci. (::chuckles to self::) Later, while trying to do schoolwork, jobless Kyle finds himself asking Maci to cook for him and Bentley. Pretty soon the asking turns into begging, and Maci concedes. Falling behind with her school work, she shares to Kyle that she is going to be dropping her courses. And he doesn’t talk her out of it at all! Not to say I don’t understand Maci’s predicament. I of course do, and can only imagine her work load. But some words of support or encouragement from her boyfriend to stay when her degree had meant so much to her may have been a nice touch. In the end, she goes through with it and instead of having 16 credits completed, she has 8.

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