The Triumphant Return of Jenelle’s Hott Lawyer: Teen Mom 2; Season 3 Episode 2

Teen Mom 2; Season 3, Episode 2

By: Nina

Hello hello hello, and welcome to the episode 2 recap! Last we left off Jo didn’t want to date Kailyn, Jenelle smoked pot despite her pending drug test, Leah wanted to go through marriage counseling with Corey despite her filing for divorce and Chelsea…well, something must have happened with Chelsea and Adam. So now that we’re up to date, let’s get to recapping!


Well, first let me share the good news: my Ali-girl has a new tooth coming in! Hooray for Ali-girl! That’s unfortunately the only moment worth celebrating for Leah this episode. She and Corey go to mediation to decide their schedule with the kids due to the divorce. But we are all mediation pros now aren’t we after Maci and Ryan? Leah gets even more upset when she logs into Corey’s e-mail and discovers that he is talking to girls. Oh and yes, this is the same Corey who she split from and filed to divorce. Oh oh, and yes, that is also the same Corey who she cheated on 2 days before their wedding. So anyway, Leah and her friend Kayla compare Corey to “high-school Corey” who would talk to girls and date. High-school Corey also wasn’t married, so I don’t know what to tell ya. I absolutely understand that it must be so hard seeing your ex and the father of your kids move on. But it seems like Season 2 she was unhappy and filing for divorce, and now Season 3 she is blaming him for not wanting counseling and for moving on. 


Kailyn cheated on Jordan with Jo, so she didn’t want to date Jordan, so she could date Jo. Then Jo told Kail that he didn’t want to date her, so now Kailyn wants to date Jordan again. Do you follow? No? I’ll make it easier: Kailyn doesn’t want to be single. But I think we cut Kailyn more slack after we see her mother’s response to receiving a voicemail from her and Isaac: Kailyn’s mother Suzie then BLOCKS the number! So basically, her mother has cut both her and Isaac off. And we all can gather enough of Kailyn’s character from this show to know she did nothing to deserve her mother not wanting anything to do with her. I can only imagine how painful that must have been for her.

After receiving that rejection from her mother, Kailyn takes a chance and calls Jordan, who says he still misses her and Isaac. Score. It seems as if they are going to give things a chance, but since this was all filmed ages ago we kind of know that doesn’t really happen, at least not long term. Sighhhh. We also got to meet Jo’s girlfriend Vi (Or V?) this episode, but not much happened with that. She seems nice enough!

OH! And Isaac is actually looking cute this episode!


Chelsea’s segment opens up with Adam giving her a ring. I only wish these weren’t filmed so long ago, so we all could have dealt with the fright over this possibly being an engagement ring. However, Chelsea does beam over the fact that he got her a piece of jewelry, in which he says represents that he is not going to go anywhere. (Props to Aubree for crying hysterically the moment he proclaims he’s here for good.) While things are going well with Adam, things aren’t going well at Year Round Brown, as Chelsea got into a fight with her boss and so she decided to quit. As PapaRandalicious put it, “So you quit your job and you’re back with Adam. Any other good news?” Not this week, Randy!


The bad news is that despite taking a detox drink before her drug test, Jenelle tested positive for marijuana. The good news is that this means I got to see her hott lawyer again.

(Of course the bad news with that is the picture of his bride in the background. Sighhhh.)

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51 and Childless: Teen Mom; S4E10

Teen Mom; Season 4, Episode 10

By: Nina

So this episode of Teen Mom was significantly more interesting than the rest of this season, and that is 100% due to Farrah meeting Daniel’s family. So now that we have a good episode, let’s get to recapping it!


While Debra is watching Sophia in Florida, Farrah is traveling to Austin, TX with her new boyfriend Daniel! Things start off pretty well. Daniel seems really touched that Farrah has traveled with him to meet his family and Farrah seems happy! (Which after  3 hard seasons was nice to finally see!) But things quickly go down hill. Here’s the play by play of Farrah quotes that just should have never happened a month-and-a-half into a relationship:

Strike 1: “I’m just trying to prepare you for having kids.”

Strike 2: (To Daniel’s Step-Mother) “You haven’t had children yet?! Oh my god! I don’t think it’s going to happen then. How old are you? 51?! Ooooh, you’re gonna be a lone bird. I can’t believe you never had a child yet!”

Strike 3:  (While shopping at a thrift store) “You know what, I actually want my husband to buy me a ring from a thrift store.”

Strike 4: “If we ever get married can I please wear this to the wedding?”

Strike 5: “I don’t want to like, date, forever. I don’t want to get married right away—but I want to get engaged.”

Basically, following her 5-strikes we miss some sort of disagreement and next thing you know Farrah and Daniel are over. And that’s it! She flies home from Texas ALONE! I know Farrah gets a lot of hate, but I do feel badly. She seemed really happy this season dating Daniel, and it sucks for anyone to be coming home from what was supposed to be a romantic weekend alone. I give Farrah credit for holding it together!


Amber is trying to find a new home to rent, Leah is calling Gary “Mom” instead of “Daddy” and Gary is filling out his recliner more than ever. When Amber requests to see Leah, Gary arranges for her to see Leah the following day. Amber agrees, so it should seem pretty natural to Amber why Gary would be upset when she cancels the next day. Amber cancels so she can look at homes to rent, and feels that it’s Gary’s fault because he didn’t give her Leah the day before. Clearly the only thing that sucks here is that Leah was looking forward to seeing Amber and now that won’t happen. 

Though I will say that the house Amber looks at is pretty dang nice.


Catelynn and Tyler need to register for school…yawn…Catelynn and Tyler aren’t sure if Human Services or Social Work is a better major…yawn…Catelynn and Tyler go to a birth parent support group…yawn…Catelynn and Tyler talk with professionals in the field to help determine their degree…yawn…Catelynn and Tyler decide to take a semester off til they know which degree they want for sure…YAWN.

Hey, have Catelynn and Tyler ever heard of pre-requisites or transferring credits?! 


The Maci drama this week all revolves around Twitter. I know, I know, but even that being the case it is still more entertaining than Catelynn and Tyler. So what was this Twitter war about? Maci had a tweet saying that things would be easier and better for Bentley if Ryan and Maci had worked out, but things didn’t workout that way. This upsets Ryan’s girlfriend Dalis and Ryan and co. interpret this as a deliberate act to sabotage their relationship. As much as I believe Maci loves Ryan I cannot believe that she would try to break up his relationship via Twitter. I don’t even think Jenelle and Kieffer break up other people’s relationships via Twitter. It’s just not how you do things. 

In the end Maci and Ryan talk it out, but Ryan refuses to apologize for saying he hates her. Hey, you can’t win them all, right?! 

And that’s the episode! So like I said, Farrah really did steal the show on this one! Only two more episodes left to go, guys! Who else will be crying when it’s all over?!

Episode Hall-of-Fame:

Episode Fail: The advice Daniel should have never given Farrah.

Episode MVP:

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"You’re Like, Ababababababah.": Teen Mom 2, S2E9

Teen Mom 2; S2E9

By: Nina

Only 4 more episodes to go of our favorite show! Crazy how fast it goes by, right? But not to worry, so far Jenelle is bringing the drama and Ali is bringing the cuteness just as much as always, so let’s get to recapping!


After she and her husband Corey had discussed moving into a new trailer closer into town, suddenly, Corey has his sights on a different goal. And by goal, I of course mean getting a new truck. This suggestion immediately upsets Leah, as their current trailer is not only in bad shape, but is far away from her family, Ali’s doctor, her job and basically civilization. Leah says, “We can’t afford a truck and a house.” To which Corey says that’s why he will get a truck, pay that off, then they can worry about getting a new home. Leah feels that they had made a decision as a couple, and he changed his mind without even consulting her.

We get a further appreciation for Leah’s frustration when we see the condition of the bathroom where she has to bathe the girls. It was definitely what one would consider unacceptable conditions for two little girls. Disappointed, Leah confides in her parents about what is going on. They tell her that if they need her to look for a trailer for her and the girls, that all she has to do is tell them when. Leah’s response? "Now."


After filing for Child Support, Kailyn receives a letter stating Jo’s appeal. Jo feels that the amount required of him is too much, and that Kailyn could put in more effort to have a higher-paying job. All of this considered, Kailyn decides it would be best if she meets with a lawyer. The lawyer’s opinion is that it does not appear that Jo has any valid grounds to dispute the amount that’s been set. And that’s all there really was to it this episode!


Between last episode and now, Adam has called Chelsea to break up with her! To be honest, I’m shocked he didn’t do it while filming, since I was convinced that Adam was coming back just to insure himself a Teen Dad spin-off. Chelsea is of course devastated and upset over this turn of events. Her dad, Dr.Randy tries to console her by saying that you can’t make anyone change, or do what’s right. While Chelsea knows that’s true, it’s not easy for her to accept. She even says that Adam told her to just “get it through her head” that he doesn’t like her anymore. Ouch.

But one step forward for Chelsea, as she starts her first day of work at Year Round Brown! Cheers to independence!


Back on Planet Fun, Jenelle has been living with her friend Tori for an entire half of an episode now. Since she’s moved out, Barbara feels it’s appropriate that Jenelle pays Child Support, which is just a whopping $30 a week. (Maybe Jo needs to come down to North Carolina!) But $30 is the least of her worries, because Kieffer has been talking to other girls. This infuriates Jenelle, since Kieffer was upset with her when she had been talking to an old fling. So, like any other couple, they talk it out.

Jenelle: I’ve been asking, and asking and asking for you to not talk to any girls, and you’re like, AB-BA-BA-BA-BAH. AB-BA-BA-BA-BAH. And then i ask you…(Kieffer walks out.) SEE. I’M ASKING YOU TO TALK TO ME.

Kieffer: You keep making fun of me.

Jenelle: And you keep walking away.

Kieffer: Cause you keep making fun of me!

Ab-ba-ba-ba-bah’s aside, Jenelle tells Kieffer that if he contacts a girl that is not her or her mother, it’s over. Soon after, Jenelle spots Kieffer texting somebody, and she is certain that it is an ex-girlfriend from New Jersey. Kieffer insists that it is “some dude from Facebook saying ‘What’s up?’” but Jenelle feels differently. This is all happening in the car, which turns really fun when Kieffer tells Jenelle that he doesn’t owe her anything. Considering Jenelle has done and paid for probably everything but Kieffer’s green sweatshirt, this infuriates her as much as it does to us watching. Jenelle presses on the gas while Kieffer tries to exit the car, and speeds through the North Carolina highways. As soon as she stops the car, Kieffer bolts out of there.

Jenelle comes home without Kieffer, but it isn’t long before he calls her and confirms that it was his ex-girlfriend that he was talking to. That was when Jenelle says my favorite line of the season, “What are you gonna do now, go fuck her? Are you gonna go marry her? Are you going to go have kidswith her?” Which is when Kieffer hangs up the phone. But shortly after he arrives to show Jenelle the texts her received, which he either ignored, or told her not to text him. Instead of being pleased, Jenelle decides to be upset that Kieffer is not comforting her when she wants his attention.

Stay with me guys, I know, it’s a handful. Next Jenelle starts slamming doors, which she really shouldn’t do because she is renting. Despite that, her friend and roommate Tori goes to comfort her. But the TLC only last so long, because Jenelle starts yelling about her other roommate (Tori’s boyfriend) has people over, and tells Tori that she’s been treating her bad, and that she’s done “shit” for the house. Not one to jump to rash decisions, Jenelle decides to move out. So she barges into Tori’s room, demanding clothes. When Tori asks for her to give her space so she can get the clothes, Jenelle doesn’t, and keeps asking for the clothes. Finally Tori loses it and pushes Jenelle, which starts a whole big cat fight. Like girlfriend like boyfriend, Kieffer then decides to randomly start fighting simultaneously with Tori’s boyfriend!! It was as crazy as it sounds. Eventually the fighting stops, and Jenelle starts screaming enough for everyone to get the hell out of there.

And that’s where we leave off! So, Chelsea is not with Adam. Leah is debating moving without her husband. Kailyn will be going to court. And Jenelle lasted an episode and a half in her new place. Planet Fun is an understatement!

You Do Not Yank Sammi’s New Weave: Jersey Shore, S2E5

Jersey Shore, S5E4

By: Nina

Well, where we left off Mike had “done the dip” as Pauly said, leaving us to wonder, “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?” When episode 4 starts off, Mike still isn’t back, prompting their landlord and boss Danny to say it’s time for new roommates. He says part of the deal was that they would live at the house and work for him. With 6 people instead of 8, Danny isn’t pleased. With the possibility of two new roommates, the cast isn’t pleased either! But let’s just cut to the chase a bit: Mike does come back. But this still leaves one less person, and Danny puts up a sign at the Shore Store letting customers know that they are now hiring.

Meanwhile, there is a surprise party for Mike and Pauly happening! The gang goes to Karma, and it really seems that Mike and Pauly have no idea what’s in store for them. After the cake fiasco, Mike was definitely touched and thrilled with the surprise. Not to mention that he even brought home the stripper who popped out of a cake for him! I guess if I were an unmarried guido at 30 I would consider that a pretty good 30th birthday too!

But now here ismypersonal highlight of the episode. My favorite cast-mate, Sammi Sweetheart, gets into a fight at the bar!!!!! It happens so far that all you can see are legs kicking like crazy on the ground, and Sammi get thrown out of the bar like trash! According to Sammi, someone yanked the back of her head, so she threw her drink, leading to a “swarm of bitches” attacking her. Lesson of the day? You do NOT yank Sammi’s new weave! DO.NOT.

But let’s move on, because there is a new roomie situation we’re dealing with! Well, the group feels that there is only really one solution to the problem: and that’s to kidnap Vinny and make him come back! They barge into Vinny’s house unannounced, and believe it or not…Vinny is fine and ready to return to the Shore house!! So, no new roommates! No new co-workers! And no Angelina! A happy ending, if I do say so myself! Until next episode…

Episode Hall-of-Fame:

Best Quote:

Jenni: What’s a good name for Danny since he’s being a douche?

Mike: Help Wanted…See “The Old Dude?”

Jennie: Haha…they might think it’s you.

Loser of the Week:

I’m going to have to go with Ronnie. When Vinny shows his new tattoo, saying “Let Go - Let God” Ronnie’s response is “I have no fucking idea what it means.” It’s notthathard, is it Ronnie?

Episode MVP:

I’m going to go with Mike. I don’t blame him for being upset last week when the girls didn’t include him on Pauly’s birthday cake. So I think it’s great that he came back, and on top of it got to discover that he had asurprise party waiting for him!

Year Round Brown; Seasonal Boyfriend: Teen Mom 2, Season 2 Episode 8

Teen Mom 2; S2E8

By: Nina

It’s Teen Mom time!!! I’ll let you guys know right away: there is no Planet Fun this episode. But, there still are other goods things in store, so let’s get to it!


Chelsea has rolled out the leopard carpet for her new apartment!…literally.

And to go along with her new apartment, Chelsea gets a new job at a tanning salon, called Year Round Brown! (Sorry, I just got a kick out of each time she said “Year Round Brown”.) Chelsea also reveals that Adam hasn’t been coming by the apartment too much. Later in the episode we finally see him come over to spend the night, and it is awkward-city. Adam doesn’t even give Chelsea’s cute little pug dog a nice greeting, while Chelsea is dumb enough to let Adam choose the movie they watch (“Tears of the Sun”). In Adam’s defense, he does tell Chelsea that he drove 30 miles from his home to come see her, and of course he wants to be there. But now in Chelsea’s defense, he’s certainly not acting like he is happy to be there.

When talking with her friend Erika, Chelsea reveals that she thinks Adam no longer feels anything for. She says the only thing stopping her dream of her family is Adam…he just doesn’t want it. And who knows if he ever will? Hopefully with time Chelsea will begin to have new dreams for herself and Aubree. Dreams that may not include her and Adam being together.


Kailyn is concerned that Jo isn’t going to understand why she is filing for child support. The rude voicemail may have done that, Kail. Jo says that he and Kailyn had worked out their own financial arrangement, where he would give her what she needs, in order to avoid her having to file for child support. He truly feels that she is just going to be living off of his child support and the government. But doesn’t Kailyn work? Jo’s answer to that is that Kailyn refuses to get a better or higher paying job, because she likes working with her boyfriend at Sports Authority. Who knows! I wouldn’t doubt it though.

Finally though, it is Jordan, Kailyn’s boyfriend, who suggests to her, “Oh gee, why don’t you actually CALL Jo and DISCUSS this TOGETHER?” (Not in those words, of course. I took the liberty in making it sound like an INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS approach). When Jo and Kailyn do meet up at a local diner, Jo asks “How is everything?” and Kailyn just looks at him, then chomps on her gum while holding Isaac. Is this relevant to the plot? Not at all. Is this relevant to the lack of manners that make me dislike Kailyn more and more every episode? Absolutely.

Kailyn says the child support payment may seem like a lot, but it would be the same that he would be paying towards Isaac even if they were together. (Since he makes more money than she does.) In the end, she tells him to shut-up, says she doesn’t want to hear him talk anymore, and I can’t help but hope that Jo leaves Kail with the restaurant bill.

And is it just me, or does Isaac look kind of cute here at the lunch table? I mean sure, the photo is taken from a distance. And yea, there’s a glass of coke covering his face. But kind of cute, right?


Leah and Corey discuss the possibility of moving closer into town. But they become distracted from that, when they receive a letter from the geneticist they saw. The letter reveals that there could be skeletal problems with Ali, but they will follow-up as discussed with in a year. Confused, Leah gets in touch with the geneticist herself for a better explanation. She explains that right now, considering Ali’s age, there is no way for them to test for a skeletal condition at this point, so the letter was clarifying that at this stage in the game they cannot rule that out. But however, all the tests they have done have been really positive, and she feels that for now they should focus on that, as well as focus on Ali-girl using her legs.

Also, look at these cute little babies sitting on the floor eating their cheese puffs!

I wish I could have two cute little babies sitting on the floor eating cheese puffs with me at lunch time.


Back on Planet Fun, Jenelle has gone almost a full day without smoking weed. When Barbara says that she expects Jenelle to take care of Jace in the evenings, Jenelle actually has the gall to suggest that her workload is more stressful than Barbara’s. Jenelle has to go to class and pay bills. Barbara only has to pay bills as well, raise Jenelle’s baby and make a living to support Jenelle and her baby. NBD, right Jenelle? When this rubs Barbara the wrong way, she shouts at Jenelle, giving her the perfect excuse to go and smoke that weed. Jenelle tries to explain that her outburst is coming from her lack of reefer (and Kieffer), as it has almost been a full 24-hours without it. Barbara says, “What do you need drug rehab?” Jenelle replies that she does not need drug rehab, but that this is the time of day that she simply likes to smoke her weed. And because of all that has happened (said as if it’s Barbara’s fault) she cannot do it (smoke). “BUT NOW I’M GONNA GO DO IT!” she says, storming off. Wouldn’t make a bad anti-drugs commercial if you ask me. Who would want to act like that?

Proving that miracles really do exist, Jenelle’s friend Tori offers for Jenelle to move in with her and her boyfriend. And so Jenelle makes this move right away, as in within this episode! Barbara does tell Jenelle that she expects her to make plans to see Jace now that she moves out. Barbara also asks the hard-hitting (or to us, the obvious) questions such as “How will you pay for food, gas and car insurance?” Jenelle simply states that she will have to get a job. As in she doesn’t have one or money yet. Good luck, Jenelle’s friend Tori!

But this wouldn’t be a Teen Mom 2 episode without some Kieffer Delp. Kieffer sends Jenelle a “love message” via Facebook. And of course I have a screen cap for you:

Guys, am I supposed to know what 117 mean? Because I don’t. Is this Jenelle and Kieffer code, or am I just aging myself by not knowing this? And is it just me, or does “I miss you baby, you mean everything to me” mean SO MUCH MORE than, “I miss yu baby yu meen everything to me.” How can someone read that and feel anything but aggravation? They don’t even abbreviate “you” to “u”. That I might be able to tolerate. But “yu?” I don’t get it! Why leave out the O? Okay…I better stop myself, I could ramble over this for awhile.

Jenelle’s friend Tori very kindly reminds Jenelle that she said she never wanted to see Kieffer again. Regardless, she decides to reply to his message:

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RuPaul, Cedric and Kim Richards Walk Into a Bar: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; S2E19

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; S2E19

By: Nina

It’s the second to last episode of my precious RHOBH for Season 2, and what a doozy it was! Holy crap! Never did I expect the opening of Lisa and Ken’s restaurant/lounge Sur to bring such drama, but so be it!

For me the real entertainment starts, as always, as soon as Kim comes on screen. She and Ken are at a hotel, which is closer to Lisa’s restaurant, which they anticipated would be easier for them then driving into town. But evidently, Kim packing for one night was not easy. I don’t even know how to explain what happens in an eloquent matter, so I think I’ll just say it. She shares with her make-up artist, who is there to do her makeup for the event, that she thought she found a new vibrant lipstick shade in her makeup drawer. Turns out it was a vibrator.

There, I said it! Meanwhile, we get a bigger glimpse into Kim and Ken’s relationship. Kim says Ken is controlling. She also says that he does everything wrong. And by wrong, her examples are that he gives her a 7-up with no ice, and that when she asks for Starbucks he gets her the kind that’s in the bottle. (Okay, maybe I’m with her on the bottle thing.)

And just like this it is time for the Sur launch party. The drama kicks off when Brandi discovers that one of the waitresses at the event was having an affair with her ex-husband while they were married (and she was pregnant). Brandi nonchalantly goes ‘Oh you’re the girl who had sex with my husband!” The waitress confides in Lisa that she used to “date” (sleep with) Brandi’s husband. Lisa decides that the best thing to do is have the waitress work at her other restaurant next door instead, and asks her to leave. Lisa’s concern was having her guest, Brandi, be comfortable. After all of the “parties from hell” it’s nice to know some of these ladies can still be a good host! ;)

Oh, and RuPaul is also at the party. But the next bit of drama comes when CEDRIC arrives. “Well, here I am” he says to Kyle. Adrienne on the other hand seems kind of happy, excited and welcoming to Cedric, which I thought was kind of weird. Being polite is fine, but I thought she was a little too enthused to see someone who hurt and tried to extort one of her close friends. Lisa basically doesn’t give Lisa a chance, and demands that he leaves. She asks who invited him, and Cedric says, “It doesn’t matter.” A.K.A., no one invited him. I think he is just trying to get himself some airtime in Season 2. Refusing to leave, he insists to Lisa, “I am here for you! I’m here for you.” Whatever. Sucks for Lisa. If he really cared I don’t think this would be the time or the place he would show up.

At this point the only two who have not yet arrived are Taylor and Kim. Taylor we learn will be arriving with her therapist, Dr.Sophy. I have to say, I loveee Dr.Sophy. I am thrilled she is bringing him to Sur (how Beverly Hills is that?) and I wish they would run off together and get married. Dr.Sophy is really there to support Taylor in not only seeing her friends, but with confiding in them about everything that has happened. But more on that later!

So right now we have Brandi’s ex-husband’s mistress, RuPaul, Cedric and now PAUL’S EX-GIRLFRIEND, who he was with right before he met Adrienne, all at the same party! Insane, right? Meanwhile, we get an awkward scene of Kim going through the garbage in the limo, taking off her bra, and Ken’s attempts to stop her from doing both. Kim once again mentions being a Virgo, thus proving that her recent lateness is just a fluke. Because you know, Virgo’s are not late. They are prompt. Oh, and Kim does bring her “lipstick” vibrator to the party. And brings it out immediately upon arrival.

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Gym, Tanning & Mani-Pedis: Jersey Shore, S5E2

Jersey Shore; S5E2

By: Nina

It’s the second episode into the iconic Jersey Shore’s 5th season, and the question on everyone’s mind is Does Vinny Leave?! Well, let’s get to recapping and see!

The episode kicks off with Ron and Pauly speaking with Vinny about his anxiety and desire to leave. They seem to think that clubbing and chicks will simply be the answer, but I think most normal-paced people know that fist-pumping can’t cure everything. Meanwhile, returning from a night at the club Jionni borrows some of Mike’s clothes. Which is awkward only because Snooki cheated on Jionni with Mike, but is claiming to Jionni that she didn’t. And now he’s on TV borrowing this guys clothes. And then he makes Jionni a burger. Which isn’t plot-wise relevant, but just shows why you can’t lie to your boyfriend about things if you are on reality TV.

But back to Vinny. After a shift at the Shore Store, Vinny explains to his boss Danny that he as clinical anxiety, and it has put him in a depressed state since Italy. He explains that he has been diagnosed with this since he was a teenager, and while most of the time he can handle the anxiety or panic attacks, right now it is more severe and more difficult to manage. To try and get Vinny in a better state, the guys do some GTMP…Gym, Tanning, Mani-Pedis.

Yea. It was awkward. At least in Mike’s defense he wasn’t too fond of the experience. I think in the future he’ll be sticking with GTL…

Fresh with their mani-pedis, everyone is prepared to return to Karma tonight! It was great to see how excited they all were to go back to their favorite Jersey Shore spot. Deena does her Jersey Turnpike, Snooki shows her kooka, it seems like everything is back to normal. That is, except Vinny. The fast-paced, crowded and loud environment of the club isn’t calming him down like his roommates hoped it might.

But before Vinny makes a decision on what he is going to do, Pauly noticed his diamond necklace is missing after a hook-up in the smush room with a girl from the club! Snooki matter-of-factly says, “The girl stole it.” In denial to admit that it’s gone, Pauly searches all over the house for the necklace. A few hours later, the girl comes back, wearing the necklace! And she is damn lucky Pauly didn’t ask for an explanation, because it was clear that she took it, and didn’t just accidentally end up with it around her neck! Damn, time to get a safe at the shore house!

Meanwhile, as time goes on Vinny’s mental state is not improving. The gang is preparing to go out to the club and don’t want to leave Vinny alone. At the same time, they don’t want to bombard him by all staying, since they know Vinny wouldn’t be receptive to that. They decide that it would be best to leave Pauly alone with Vinny, as he is closest to him. However, Pauly isn’t able to talk Vinny out of his decision. It is clear that it is best for him that he leave right now. So instead of convincing Vinny to stay, Pauly instead helps Vinny pack. Although Vinny was leaving, it was nice to get a more intimate glimpse inside their friendship. Pauly seems really devastated about Vinny leaving, but knows it’s best for him. It doesn’t seem that Vinny is around long enough to say goodbye to the others, and we will have to wait until next episode for their reaction!

Episode Hall-of-Fame:

Lush of the Week: Snooki. Entirely because of her drunk chicken-cutlet speech to Jionni.

Mike Analogy of the Week: Comparing his not finding a girl at the club until the last minute to Joe Namath at the end of the football game making a touch-down with only 20 seconds left.

Episode MVP: Vinny, for knowing when enough is enough and doing what’s best for him mentally, despite what his roommates were saying.

Kieffer’s Return to Planet Fun: Teen Mom 2, S2E6

Teen Mom 2; S2E6

By: Nina

Hello and welcome to the Episode 6 recap! Will Kieffer get out of jail? Will Ali-girl get answers from her geneticist? Will Chelsea’s be blonde or brunette this episode? Will Kailyn finally learn to use “Please” and “Thank You?!” These things and more, on the recap!


The episode starts off with Leah, who brings home a KITTY for the girls!! The girls loved the kitten, and if you don’t believe me just look at Ali’s face when she saw it!

Precious. Just precious. Aside from the cat however, Leah and family are preparings for Ali’s first appointment with a physical therapist, as well as her appointment with the geneticist. The physical therapist suggests splints for Ali-girl to wear, which will help her with bearing weight on her feet/legs. Which then leaves the genticist. And Aleeah is all decked out in her fur for the occasion!

While we don’t get to see the appointment, we do hear that the geneticist is concerned that Ali may have a disorder, a disorder that would mean serious problems for Ali. Unfortunately for Leah and Corey, it will be 4 weeks before they have the results from Ali’s bloodwork. So that’s 4 weeks until they know what Ali may have, if anything. But Leah knows that until then there is not much they can do, and that they will keep continuing on with good spirits!


Isaac’s first birthday is approaching, and Kailyn wants to have a birthday party for him that weekend, despite that being Jo’s time with Isaac. Jo agrees to let her have him during the day Saturday, but not without Kailyn rudely requesting it, as always. I understand her wanting to have it on a weekend, but couldn’t she have arranged this with him weeks ago, rather than spur of the moment?

When it comes time for the party, Kailyn has friends and cousins coming for the occasion. Kailyn also needs supervision while making boxed cake mix. And that’s pretty much it this episode. Not too much going on with Kailyn.


Everything is fine back on Planet Fun. That is, until this text exchange happens:

Kieffer has at long last been bailed out of jail. And of course Jenelle is more than ready to head down to Planet Fun and see him. Though, some things have at least changed, and this time around she is honest with her mother, Barbara, about going to see Kieffer. Hey, it’s at least better than doing it behind her back.

Planet Fun is of course totally packed. And I hope Jenelle knows she’s paying for that strawberry milkshake. When Jenelle does arrive, she and Kieffer talk about the status of their relationship. Kieffer says that he grew up in an environment where people screeched about their problems. And that from what he can tell, it was probably the same for Jenelle. (That did make me chuckle. We all can tell, Kieffer. Haha.)They agree to work on things and to communicate more. But now the priority is to prepare for their approaching court date!

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"I’m a Virgo. I’m Usually Very Prompt.": The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, S2E18

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; Episode 18

By: Nina

Episode 18 continues the drama that we have unfortunately become accustomed to this season, but is saved by the Beverly Hills lifestyle being pursued while on vacation. Like Season 1, throughout this episode I found myself saying, “I wish I could experience that!” or  “I would love to do this!” Of course I am talking more about where they vacation and what they do, and less about Kyle and Kim’s now routine bickering, but I bet you knew that.

As you may remember from episode 17, most of the cast is in Hawaii! The episode kicks off with Adrienne and Paul hand-holding on a romantic trail! If you like Adrienne and Paul when they bicker, you will like them even more when they are getting along and being romantic. Though, Adrienne herself says in reference to gazing at the view with Paul, “I couldn’t be there more than 10 minutes though, I’d get bored!” New romance, same Adrienne!

Kim, who was the last to arrive in Hawaii, has finally arrived. And how do Kyle and Mauricio figure out that she is finally here? They hear her in the hallway, through the walls, while in their room! And it appears that Kim’s room was placed right next door! Perfect for Kyle’s putting her ear up against the wall to listen. ;)Though no one actually sees Kim until she arrives late to Mauricio’s birthday dinner. Upon arrival Kim changes her story (which originally was that she couldn’t find her passport and that her license was expired) to Ken having to work, which Mauricio promptly follows up with, “Isn’t Ken retired?”

We think Mauricio is just going to let it slide—but he doesn’t. He approaches the subject again, saying he doesn’t understand since this vacation had been planned for some time, and because Kim never mentioned it. She mentioned plenty of other things (“I’m on the phone with Bettie booking the new flight now!”) but nothing about Ken’s job. The tension however doesn’t seem to go away, particularly when Mauricio gives a passive aggressive toast on the importance of telling the truth. When Kyle and Mauricio continue to badger Kim, she says that at the dinner table isn’t the time, and that if Kyle wants to have a bad time, that’s her choice. I can understand both sides here. Kim and Ken are a day and a half late, without any remorse, and the odds are this is on Mauricio’s dime. That would bother me. Kim is upset because she feels her boyfriend was attacked upon arrival, which he was to a degree, when Mauricio was demanding an answer about whether or not he was really working. While they eventually get past discussing it at dinner, it of course will come up again later.

The next morning Kim and Ken are late to meet the group for a boat ride. They only have so much time with the boat, and Kim and Ken’s being a half-hour late interferes with the schedule. So Kyle does what anyone would do, after having her phone calls not answered and Kim not answering the door…she jumps over her balcony to get to Kim’s balcony, and knocks on her patio door instead. When that doesn’t produce swift enough results, the group leaves without them. Kim and Ken do meet them at the dock, but it is too late as the boat had just departed. Kyle does feel remorse over this, but Mauricio is quick to remind her of the bright side: “Imagine spending 3 hours out here with her.” Ouch.

So while the gang has a great day on the boat, Kim and Ken eat edamame on the patio. And for any future reality TV stars we have here, edamame is not an attractive thing to eat while being filmed. Just saying. When the group gets together again in the evening, Kim is quick to let everyone know how much she needed the time to herself, and has no regrets or apologies about missing another function with the group. (As of now Kim has only been to 1/5 of the functions they’ve hosted on this trip.)

Oh, and before I go on, let me say that wherever they are eating dinner this final night is gorgeous. Fabulous. Amazing. That is one of my favorite aspects of this show, seeing the lifestyle and the great experiences they get to have. I desperately tried to tweet Kyle to see where they were and request a travel itinerary, but no luck yet. ;)

So, the drama starts when Kyle asks how Kim spent her day. I will do this in brief, unprofessional (and perhaps exaggerated for fun) dialogue form to make it easier:

Kyle: Kim, what did you and Ken do today?

Kim: OH! We sat and had the most AMAZING lunch!


Kim: No, we sat and had the most RELAXING and amazing lunch looking over the pool.

Kyle: Did you go to the pool? DID YOU GO TO THE BEACH? ANYTHING?!

Kim: No we just sat and had the most AMAZING lunch! It was just a really relaxing day. I needed it.

Kyle: You missed the boat.

Kim: Literally.

Kyle: I feel like you missed everything.

Kim: You know what…we really didn’t.

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Going Back To The Jersey Shore, BITCHHHH: Jersey Shore; S5E1

Jersey Shore; S5E1

By: Nina

They’re backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!! I don’t know about you guys, but for me, each season I go, “Ugh, really? It’s back already? I don’t know if I can handle this again.” Then I watch, and the first minute in I become consumed and hypnotized. Why this show has magical powers I will never know, so instead I am just going to enjoy it!

Season 5 kicks off with the crew leaving Italy for Jersey, and they could not be more excited. It was actually great to see their excitement upon returning to the Shore house. As Pauly put it, “Me and Vinny are so excited that Vinny immediately jumps on my bed and dry-humps me on my bed, just to break it in like old times.” And there you go. The only downside? (Aside from the dry-humping?) Well, for Sam and Ron it was that they would be sharing a room with Mike again. But you know…I can’t imagine Mike is too excited to be sharing a room with Sam and Ron either, so I think it’s kind of fair!

Before we go any further though I feel I must bring Snooki’s boots to everyone’s attention:

Now let’s continue. Their boss at the Shore Store, Danny, invites the gang to meet them the following night at Captain Hook’s for some ‘welcome-back’ drinks. After some much needed American errands (GTL) they head over and instead of finding just their co-workers and Danny, they find all of their friends and family surprising them!!!! It is only a matter of time before the joy turns into drama though. Why? Because “The Unit” and Ryder are there too…and they are the ones who were in the room when Snooki cheated on Jionni with Mike. And knowing that, Mike is quick to stir things up.

It all starts when Mike mentions that he would like “The Unit” (I feel silly each time I write that) to come back to the house. This obviously makes Snooki upset, as Jionni will be coming back with her. Instead of just not paying the situation (and The Situation) any mind, she instead tells “The Unit” that he is annoying, a curly-haired asshole in need of gel, a loser, an idiot and a bitch. At this point it is clear that she has something to hide, as it seems evident that Mike was telling the truth. Instead of avoiding any potential drama, she seems to feed into it. But I guess that is nothing new. Meanwhile Mike is basically loving how mad Snooki is getting at “The Unit”, as he swoops in and pretends to play the protector.

I know, gross.

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