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So who else turned off the Teen Mom reunion Pt.1 when they realized Maci and Amber were on Pt.2?

Why Are You Fucking Cussing At Me You Piece of Shit?

Teen Mom; Season 4, Episode 8

You Haven’t Had Children Yet?!

Teen Mom; Season 4, Episode 10

Ryan Has a…Girlfriend?!

Teen Mom, Season 4; Episode 3

This Farrah Wine is Vinegary.

Teen Mom, Season 4; Episode 2 

Want to go on the front porch? It feels fucking amazing.

Teen Mom, Season 4; Episode 1

Starbucks, Nail-Art and Rehab, Oh My: Teen Mom; S4E3

Teen Mom; Season 4, Episode 3

Episode 3 of our favorite show is a big deal for me, for Maci does what I have been wanting to do since day one of Teen Mom…she invites herself on a vacation with Ryan. As for the other girls, Catelynn is still wearing bows in her hair, Amber is still giving Starbucks tons of free promotion and Farrah is finally out of her parents lives (though interestingly enough they don’t appear to be enjoying this). But that’s not ALL that happens, so let’s get to the recap!


Four seasons later and we at last get to celebrate the graduation of Catelynn and Tyler! While this is a great occasion, the big question for them is will Butch be out of jail to attend the graduation?! Well, let’s just cut to the chase—no. He gets out of jail the day after! Though I do have to ask, how would the no-contact order between he and April have worked out had he been able to attend the ceremony? Just curious how they would have handled it. I personally can’t picture sober Butch alone in a crowd at a High School graduation, but then again what do I know. 


Bentley is a few days away from a week long vacation with Ryan, and Maci is none too pleased. A week without Bentley feels like too much for her, so she asks Ryan’s family if it is alright if she travels to the same hotel as them, the same week, in hopes of getting some time with shirtless Ryan Bentley. As the captain of Team Ryan this obviously aggravates me to no-end. I’m all for co-parenting, but co-vacationing?

Maci’s heart does appear to drop when Ryan mentions that he not only has a girlfriend, but that she will be coming along on this vacation. To make things more awkward, Ryan’s mother wants to take a family photo of Maci, Ryan and Bentley together during this trip. Awkward? Maybe. But we’ll have to wait til the next episode before we can see how this ends up! In the meantime, Maci is confident that she is not only sweeter than Ryan’s girlfriend who she hasn’t met, but also that she will likely break-up with Ryan after meeting her. Hmmmm.


Farrah is just getting settled in Miami, thanks to the help of her father, better known to us Teen Mom viewers simply as “Michael.” Despite Michael’s help (including 5 days of driving and several days of staying in town to help her get settled) Farrah is none too pleased when he broaches the topic of relocating to Miami to be near them. Desperate for her independence, Farrah hires a nanny/babysitter to watch Sophia while she is in school and busy being an independent woman. Then, in the spirit of bad ideas Farrah decides to get a puppy. (Despite Sophia wanting a fish instead.) Considering that Farrah didn’t like her lost dog because it had to go to the bathroom and required training in order to behave, my heart goes out to Stitch, the French Bulldog unfortunate enough to be selected by Farrah.


Amber is still in rehab, and basically I have learned a lot about starbucks and nail-art, and not so much about rehab. That being said, Amber’s bits of the episode include a few sessions at rehab and Gary trying to work through some legal matters so he and Leah can come visit Amber. And just like Maci and Ryan’s co-vacation, we won’t get to see how this visit goes until next episode! 

And that is more or less it! Thanks for reading, guys!

Episode Hall-of-Fame:

Episode MVP: Stitch. Farrah and Sophia as roommates is even a lot for a dog to handle.

Episode Cute Spot:

Episode Bitchy Farrah Moment:

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51 and Childless: Teen Mom; S4E10

Teen Mom; Season 4, Episode 10

By: Nina

So this episode of Teen Mom was significantly more interesting than the rest of this season, and that is 100% due to Farrah meeting Daniel’s family. So now that we have a good episode, let’s get to recapping it!


While Debra is watching Sophia in Florida, Farrah is traveling to Austin, TX with her new boyfriend Daniel! Things start off pretty well. Daniel seems really touched that Farrah has traveled with him to meet his family and Farrah seems happy! (Which after  3 hard seasons was nice to finally see!) But things quickly go down hill. Here’s the play by play of Farrah quotes that just should have never happened a month-and-a-half into a relationship:

Strike 1: “I’m just trying to prepare you for having kids.”

Strike 2: (To Daniel’s Step-Mother) “You haven’t had children yet?! Oh my god! I don’t think it’s going to happen then. How old are you? 51?! Ooooh, you’re gonna be a lone bird. I can’t believe you never had a child yet!”

Strike 3:  (While shopping at a thrift store) “You know what, I actually want my husband to buy me a ring from a thrift store.”

Strike 4: “If we ever get married can I please wear this to the wedding?”

Strike 5: “I don’t want to like, date, forever. I don’t want to get married right away—but I want to get engaged.”

Basically, following her 5-strikes we miss some sort of disagreement and next thing you know Farrah and Daniel are over. And that’s it! She flies home from Texas ALONE! I know Farrah gets a lot of hate, but I do feel badly. She seemed really happy this season dating Daniel, and it sucks for anyone to be coming home from what was supposed to be a romantic weekend alone. I give Farrah credit for holding it together!


Amber is trying to find a new home to rent, Leah is calling Gary “Mom” instead of “Daddy” and Gary is filling out his recliner more than ever. When Amber requests to see Leah, Gary arranges for her to see Leah the following day. Amber agrees, so it should seem pretty natural to Amber why Gary would be upset when she cancels the next day. Amber cancels so she can look at homes to rent, and feels that it’s Gary’s fault because he didn’t give her Leah the day before. Clearly the only thing that sucks here is that Leah was looking forward to seeing Amber and now that won’t happen. 

Though I will say that the house Amber looks at is pretty dang nice.


Catelynn and Tyler need to register for school…yawn…Catelynn and Tyler aren’t sure if Human Services or Social Work is a better major…yawn…Catelynn and Tyler go to a birth parent support group…yawn…Catelynn and Tyler talk with professionals in the field to help determine their degree…yawn…Catelynn and Tyler decide to take a semester off til they know which degree they want for sure…YAWN.

Hey, have Catelynn and Tyler ever heard of pre-requisites or transferring credits?! 


The Maci drama this week all revolves around Twitter. I know, I know, but even that being the case it is still more entertaining than Catelynn and Tyler. So what was this Twitter war about? Maci had a tweet saying that things would be easier and better for Bentley if Ryan and Maci had worked out, but things didn’t workout that way. This upsets Ryan’s girlfriend Dalis and Ryan and co. interpret this as a deliberate act to sabotage their relationship. As much as I believe Maci loves Ryan I cannot believe that she would try to break up his relationship via Twitter. I don’t even think Jenelle and Kieffer break up other people’s relationships via Twitter. It’s just not how you do things. 

In the end Maci and Ryan talk it out, but Ryan refuses to apologize for saying he hates her. Hey, you can’t win them all, right?! 

And that’s the episode! So like I said, Farrah really did steal the show on this one! Only two more episodes left to go, guys! Who else will be crying when it’s all over?!

Episode Hall-of-Fame:

Episode Fail: The advice Daniel should have never given Farrah.

Episode MVP:

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